Super Comics: Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) – #20


Sonic the Hedgehog (the comic book series) and all the images you see in this recap are owned by IDW and SEGA of America

We’re back with another issue of Night of the Living Hedgehogs as our very much alive Sonic (I’m assuming Amy is alive as well) continues to face the unending hoard of Zombots that Eggman has unleashed upon the world!  The resistance is running out of resources, Sonic is running out of stamina, and I’m running out of interest for these continuous attacks that we’ve been reading about over and over again!  Can the writers give us just enough new ideas and interesting concepts to keep the momentum going, or will this story be so uninteresting that it’ll feel like it 28 days to read it?  Let’s find out!!

The issue begins right where the last one did with EVIL Shadow the Hedgehog holding Sonic by the throat and making menacing gestures to him which frankly is what I assume he does most days in the first place, but I guess THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM is as susceptible to a robo-virus as the aliens in The War of the Worlds were to the common cold.  All that power, yet taken down by a lack of hand sanitizer.  WHEN WILL WE LEARN!?  Some other time perhaps because Sonic and Shadow are about to lock it up for what has to be the fiftieth BILLION time and it’s about as exciting as listening to Sonic go through his seven or eight catch phrases.


If I’m coming off a bit snarky here, it’s because we’ve been here before and the repetition is starting to get irritating.  Heck, I’ve been complaining about it for like three issues now, so I’m sure you’re tired of me complaining about it to!  Sonic fights valiantly, he can’t stop all the zombots, a supporting character tells him to go away, and something tragic happens because Sonic wasn’t there to stop it.  Well I say tragic, but these last two issues haven’t really had the gut punch of Charmy getting eviscerated or the Chaos sacrificing themselves to save a little girl.  Shadow getting turned into a bad guy was about a shocking as a betrayal from Starscream, and Omega getting his robo-but handed to him is hardly something that will start the waterworks.  Okay, maybe I’m still being too negative here; let’s back up a bit.  I’m at least curious what they’re gonna do with Shadow as a bad guy because if the Sonic franchise is good at one thing it’s shamelessly trying to tug at our nostalgic heartstrings and I could easily see this turning into a total rip off of the Vegeta and Goku fight from the Buu arc if they really put their minds to it.  A lofty dream I’ll admit, but if at some point the Zombots evolve far enough so that they can start talking and thinking for themselves, then having Shadow be one of them already would be an interesting way to swerve the story line and make it about him and Sonic’s rivalry than the rather unfocused nihilism of Eggman trying to kill all life on the planet.  Even Omega, who I’ve NEVER cared for at any point has a few decent lines in here with his deadpan wit being genuine funny.  It’s not quite the turnaround that we got with Silver, but he managed to amuse me quite a bit!


So hey, even if we’re going through the motions YET AGAIN, there are a few bright spots here and there; I just wish we’d move along to FIXING the problem instead of fighting the same uphill battle over and over again.  As the fighting progresses Sonic is getting weaker and weaker while Omega’s bottom half is being turned into fireworks and scrap metal due to the destructive power of Shadow flanked by his Zombie backup dancers.  All hope seems to be lost… BUT WAIT!  All the murderous woodland critters start floating in the air which can only mean that Silver has arrived on the scene and is giving both Sonic and Omega a brief window to escape and regroup at Resistance HQ!  Sonic has managed to burn off most of the virus once again, but it’s clear that he’s extremely tired and can’t keep this up much longer; however the situation at HQ is rather grim which means he can’t afford to take it easy.  They still haven’t given me much of a reason to care about the woodland critters since they basically exist the same way people running away from Godzilla exist, but the misery on display in HQ is palpable which I’ll give them credit for even if it feels a BIT too much like belaboring the point.  Seeing Amy Rose exasperatedly rushing to the aid of everyone and failing to help any of them is fine on its own, but it feels like we’ve been at THIS emotional level for far too long now and we need to get moving on what happens next.

“Is now a bad time to ask where the bathroom is?”

Things aren’t all bad though!  While Tails isn’t exactly getting any closer to a cure for the virus, he’s created some sort of device that will monitor Sonic’s vitals whenever he runs to burn it off of him which will surely collect VERY valuable data.  He hasn’t come up with a name for it yet, but I would have gone with The Fit 16-Bit!  For whatever reason though, biometric data is just too intense for their computer system (are they running this operation on Commodore 64s!?) and so once again they have to go out and find some of Eggman’s discarded tech to move the plot forward which I’m guessing is about eight or ninth time they’ve done so in this series.  I mean if it means that we’re finally moving forward than all the power to them, but I’m just not too excited to move from ONE overused narrative to ANOTHER overused narrative.  Oh, and Omega is here as well; only about ten percent left intact, but his sass protocols are fully functional!


But wait!  They’re aren’t the only ones scheming this day as Doctor Starline is still trying to clean up Eggman’s mess by finding a way to regain control of the Zombots which I’m guessing they’ll need to do at some point if they plan on landing their ridiculous hover ship any time soon.  At this point I don’t think they’re going to go with my idea of having Starline only pretending to be impressed with the doctor to get close to him and instigate a coup, but I guess being the exasperated assistant to an egomaniacal dictator has some story potential there, and perhaps there WILL be a break up in the near future now that Starline is working on his own accord.  While researching The Doctors past adventures through time and space to something that could help them, Starline comes across info on Sonic Lost Worlds where APPARENTLY the bad guys could control robots.  I never finished that game so I couldn’t tell you if that’s canonical or just something they made up for the comic, but I guess that means we have to bring THESE characters into the fold because it’s not like we have enough characters to juggle already!

We’re ABSOLUTELY gonna get Lyric in here at some point!  Just you wait!!

You know, despite how cynical I was about this issue going into it, I think it has a fair amount of positives to it.  Yes, we’re going through the same motions once again, but where the last issue was a total flat line of nothing happening, this at least had the fun humor of Omega and a fairly well drawn action scene between Sonic and Shadow to keep things going.  If this is the last time we’re going to be doing this particular storyline, then I can say they at least ended it on a high note, but we can only hope that the plot points being set up at the end of this issue are leading directly into the next one and not kicked down the road a bit while we do ANOTHER city rescue mission.  Seriously, at this point they might as well cut their losses and hope to fix everything in one heroic go instead of drawing things out and having to find more beds for people.  Further proof that EVERY LICENSED PROPERTY NEEDS DRAGON BALLS!  How many times must I say this before someone will listen!?


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