Living on Netflix: Lawless

LAWLESS UK Quad poster

Wow.  It must be a stretch for Shia LaBeouf to play a dumbass kid who gets in way over his head, right?  Lawless stars him as one of three brothers who run a moonshining trade in rural Virgina during Prohibition, and it was the last mainstream film he’s been associated with.  Sure, he’s in a Lars Von Trier movie that’s coming out soon, but I doubt that’s gonna be in your local multiplex if you see what I’m getting at.  Despite his toxic public persona, he has been able to prove himself as an actor on a few occasions, but it’s gone far past the point where anyone want to give him the benefit of the doubt anymore.  All that said; is Lawless another example of him showing off his acting chops, or is it yet another chance for him to make a complete ass of himself?  There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to KEEP ON READING!!!

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Living on Netflix: Bojack Horseman (First two episodes)

A brand new series from Netflix about a horse man who used to be a star?  Not only that, but the horse man in question is voiced by Will Arnett?  How can you NOT watch something like that?  After all, Netflix has a damn good track record when it comes to original programming with shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.  Will this stab at adult animation be something special, or will it be Netflix’s first major stumble as show creators?  There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to keep on reading!

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Living on Netflix: Popeye


We recently lost one of the most important and influential actors of all time.  I can’t speak for everyone, but being a kid born in the early 90’s Robin Williams was one of the first people I became aware of who’s job was to entertain.  I still can’t tell you who played Aladdin (some guy from Roseanne I think), but I knew even back then that the genie was played by a funny man known as Robin Williams.  No man’s career is perfect, and that certain applies to him as well, but even his bad films were a part of my youth, which made him very influential to the reviewer you see today.  So now that we’re in that period where some mourn and other celebrate, I’ve decided to talk about one of my favorite of his movies.  Robin Williams is amazing in this movie, but it took every sing person in that cast and crew to make it the masterpiece that it is. A lot of people don’t seem to recognize it for its brilliance, but those people are just jerks, and I’m going to prove them wrong!  KEEP READING TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FILM!!!

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Living on Netflix: House M.D. (Series Finale)


One of the best shows on television ended its run in 2012 after eight seasons of highs and lows, shifting casts, and rude comments by the surliest doctor ever.  I am such a huge dork for this series, yet I haven’t had a chance to finish it until now.  Will the series end on a high note, or will it be a huge let down for a series that was already losing steam?  Keep reading to find out!

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Living on Netflix: Oldboy (2013)


Remakes are awesome, right?  We all love it when the sole reason a movie gets made is because people don’t want to read subtitles!  Alright fine.  To be fair, this remake has A LOT going for it.  It’s a remake of a fantastic movie that deviated hevily from the book (they could draw more material from that), and it’s directed by someone who we actually know.  One of Amercia’s favorite (and polarizing) Auters Spike Lee!  Not only that, but the cast is great with Josh Brolin who’s awesome, Elizabeth Olson who is a big up and coming actress, and bad ass movie mainstays like Samuel L. Jackson and Charlto Copley.  Does this movie rise above other remakes, or is it a giant wasted effort?  Keep reading to find out!!

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Living on Netflix: Ever After High (Episode 3)


We’re at the final episode on Netflix, so our long and perilous journey is almost over.  If you haven’t read the harrowing tales of Episode 1 and Episode 2, then go check them out right now!  Now then, the final episode is the big three part special from the second season (chapter 2) of the webisodes.  It’s called “True Hearts Day” and it’s about a Valentine’s day rip off.  Seriously?  We’re jumping on the Love Train this early?  Alright, whatever.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll find an interesting angle that the thousands and thousands of other cartoons that did a Nation Love Day episode haven’t yet.  We can only hope.

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Living on Netflix: Ever After High (Episode 2)


Haven’t read Part 1?  Check it out here!

The second episode is called “Chapter 1”.  The reason why is because it contains all the remaining webisodes from the first season (chapter 1).  Most of these are much shorter than the three part story from the first episode, so there’s probably gonna be a lot of shenanigans without much plot development.

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Living on Netflix: Ever After High (Episode 1)


We all know about Monster High right?  Someone had the bright idea to take Universal Monsters and turn them into a line of highly profitable dolls.  Naturally this led to a bunch of knockoffs, one of which being Ever After High which is basically the same premise only with slightly less murder in their back stories.  So if this is just a rip off of someone else’s idea, why am I bothering to give this the light of day?  The reason why is because Netflix picked it up and is making a movie followed by a season of episodes to be released on its service.  Seriously!?  What exactly do they see in this property?  Well there are currently three episodes on Netflix (made before the deal), so let’s take a look at each one of them in our very first three-part series!!

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