Super Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal (Episode 3)

Has it been two weeks already?  I guess so, because it’s time to watch another episode of Sailor Moon Crystal!


Wait, they don’t even know what it is?  How the hell are they supposed to find it!?


So it’s an Infinity Gem?  Didn’t I just see this last night?  That would make her either Benicio del Toro or the mean guy with the hammer.  QUICK!  SOMEBODY DANCE!!


I hate to be that guy (which means I DON’T hate being that guy), but why don’t they stop this pissing contest and just team up against the scouts while they’re still noobs?  I mean, every time you guys go easy on them, they’re just gonna get stronger!


That’s one way of putting it I guess.  Actually, when you think about what DOES end up happening, outrages is a damn good way of putting it.


From what I hear, she’s always been obsessed with games.  I guess the one thing they didn’t update were her tastes considering she still primarily goes for 2D side scrollers.


Is it just me, or is that cat super stretchy?  LOOK AT HOW LONG HER TORSO IS!!


I know she wasn’t one of the scouts who fancied girls, but they REALLY seem to be headed in that direction with Usagi.  Is this something she did in the original series!?


I’m sure that’s what most people say when they start STALKING SOMEONE!!!  Seriously Usagi, not cool.


So is this how she see’s the world? Everything is covered in a strawberry jam?


If someone actually had psychic or spiritual powers, then why would people talk shit about it?  WHO WOULDN’T WANT POWERS LIKE THAT!?  WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO KNOW SOMEONE WITH THOSE POWERS!?!?


Does this mean they play Tomadachi Life?    …    Yeah, that was a pretty weak joke.


“That is SO not how you wear a cat this season”


Usagi Logic: Hotties cannot commit crimes.

Actually, if you think about it the only bad guys she’s seen so far HAVE been demon ladies.  Maybe she DOES think that!


So what was the plan buddy?  Were you going to keep driving this spooky bus around until someone important got on?


Best screen shot of the entire episode!  Enjoy it.


Wait, what? You guys can just TELEPORT!?  When the hell did they establish that?  Come to think of it, they haven’t really explained what their powers are.  Hell, they’ve got magic arcade prizes, why not the ability to instantaneously travel?


Darn it Usagi!  Why didn’t you DOOOOODDDDDGGGGGEEEE!?!?!?!?


“Whatever you say talking cat!  Might as well give it a shot!”


“No need to rush or anything.  Take your time, but we are getting frostbite over here.”


So far, Sailor Mars’ transformation is the best one.  For some reason, the CGI is much more subtle and ends up retaining the 2D look.  Look at any frame of it, and you might be fooled into thinking it’s actually rendered in 2D.


Whoa, that’s a weird perspective!  It’s almost like something from a Liefeld comic.


Oh, scary. She’s going to give me a lecture.


RASCAL!? She’s cooking you alive, and that’s the best you could come up with?


And all’s well that ends well with Sailor Mars joining the team. Three down, two to go!


Wait, we don’t end with a teaser for Sailor Brunette or Sailor Other Blonde!?  I don’t care about the MacGuffin stone!  I want them to get the team together!

So!  That was episode three, and I’ve got to say that this show is really building some steam! It started off slow with episode one, but it’s really picked up in a short amount of time!  I do wonder what direction this show will go in once we establish all of the scouts.  Will it be a monster of the week format, or will there be a strong story through the series?  Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode!


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