Equestria Uncovered: Cutie Mark Crusader Edition! YAY!


Who out there is ready to do some crusading?  Will I get my Cutie Mark in writing?  I sure as hell hope not.  If this is supposed to be my super special talent, then that says a lot about how bad I am at most things.  Anyway, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are pretty much the B team for the series.  Whenever we aren’t focusing on the Mane 6 or Spike, these ponies take the forefront and have given us some really great episodes.

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Equestria Uncovered: Hanging out with Cheerilee and Berry Punch

Cheerilee 1

Cheerilee and Berry Punch. Wouldn’t these two be perfect for a 90’s style sitcom?  The earnest sister with a frustrating job and the snarky sister with a drinking problem.  WACKEYNESS ENSUES!!  All kidding aside, there’s something about these two that makes them very endearing despite how little we know about Cheerilee from canon, and how one dimensional the portrayal of Berry Punch has been in fan made content.

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Equestria Uncovered: Taking a Peek at Pinkie Pie

Pinkie pic 1

We’re finally getting to one of the Mane 6.  Just so you know, I’m not doing all of them at once.  I’m gonna spread them out, and do each character as I see fit.  For now let’s focus on this week’s topic, the one and only Pinkie Pie!  Personally, I think that, despite the show not always knowing what to do with her, there is so much depth that can be minded from this unique equine, and it makes her one of the more compelling characters to discuss.

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