Super Comics: Tangle & Whisper – #1


Tangle & Whisper as well as Sonic the Hedgehog (the comic book series) and all the images you see in this recap are owned by IDW and SEGA of America

We’re back with what is OFFICIALLY the first issue of the Tangle & Whisper mini-series!  No more sneak previews or spoilers being doled out by IDW; it’s time to get to the real story and what we’ve all been waiting for!  Both these characters have been the highlight of the renwed Sonic series (Whisper more so, at least in my opinion) and giving them their own shot at the spotlight was a brilliant move by IDW; especially since they are original for the series so building them up as much as possible will either entrench them as neigh inseparable from the franchise it spun off of.  Does the Sonic Comic team at IDW make a brilliant case for their OCs’ place in SEGA’s world?  Let’s find out!!

The issue begins… well exactly the way that Tangle & Whisper 0 started since that was the first four pages of this one.  To quickly recap, Tangle is bored in her home town now that the threat of Metal Sonic has been thwarted (I’m assuming this is either right before the Zombot-pocalyse or the town is far enough away that they haven’t heard about it yet) and is itching for some adventure to break up the monotony of day to day life.  Fortunately there’s a commotion outside where Tangle finds none other than Whisper the Sniper Wolf who is in the middle of the street firing her laser rifle at a scampering Sonic the Hedgehog!  Say WHAT!?

“IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO STOP SONIC FORCES 2!”     “NOTHING can stop Sonic Forces 2!”     “WELL I HAVE TO TRY!!”

Sonic keeps ducking in and out of alleys while also intentionally getting himself between innocent bystanders and Whisper’s magic laser gun (that has more fantastical functions than The Penguin’s umbrella), and eventually he gives her the slip for just a moment which is when Tangle catches up to him to find out what’s going on.  Flashing the most devilish of grins, Sonic gives her some sort of sob story about Eggman putting a mind control chip in Whisper’s mask which is all the motivation she needs to spear her newly made best friend with the power of a thousand lemurs!  Roman Reigns would certainly be proud, but it all turns out to have been a ruse as Sonic split the moment Tangle had Whisper distracted and we soon find out that he was not in fact the real Sonic!  SONIC SHOCK!!  Not only that, but APPARENTLY this fake Sonic is carrying a freaking RAMBO knife with the saw teeth and everything, so I guess this imposter isn’t messing around.

It’s official; Creepypasta is now a part of Sonic cannon.  Now all we need is Christian fan art for the comics to be indistinguishable from the internet.

Now I’m enjoying this story already, but I will admit that I’m slightly disappointed by the fact that we’re going with an imposter storyline instead of having it ACTUALLY be Sonic that Whisper is chasing down.  Heck, they even had the perfect reason for her to do so since he’s infected with the Robo-Virus in the main series and she might have come to the conclusion that it’s not safe for ANYONE to be around him!  It just feels kind of cheap for them to tease us with a Sonic vs Whisper storyline for MONTHS now and then immediately take it back the moment this issue came out.  Now if we ignore that bit of disappointment, is the story they went with solid in its own right?  Well it’s a good premise for a mini-series if nothing else as Whisper starts to explain what’s going once the two of them are back at the rock museum.  You remember the rock museum, right?  The one that Tangle’s friend Jewel runs?  I swear, at some point half of these recaps will be making sure everyone’s caught up on the ever expanding and convoluted canon.  ANYWAY!  So the story is that some bad guy named Mimic is the person that’s pretending to be Sonic, and with a name like that they was either going to use their shape shifting powers for nefarious ends or become a stage magician.  Sadly it appears to be former as Mimic was some sort of mercenary (is there a lot of demand for wet work on this planet of adorable furry creatures?) that betrayed their crew and joined Eggman’s side.  Wait, so the mercenaries were NOT on the bad guy’s side already?  The resistance was paying mercenaries to do its dirty work!?  It’s a bit unclear at this point exactly what’s going on with Mimic as well as Whisper’s connection to all this (I’m guessing she was one of those mercenaries that they betrayed), but with the way that she’s hesitant to let Tangle in on this murder quest of hers is a good indication that there’s more to the story.

“It’s personal.”     “Oh, it can’t be THAT personal!”     “He took my fanart…”     “GASP!”     “I even wrote ‘original character, do not steal’ and it meant nothing to them…”

Once again, Whisper is the best thing the IDW Sonic franchise has going for it and I’m glad that they saw fit to give her and Tangle a mini-series so soon.  There are just so many details to her design and personality that is lacking in the characters that have rigidly enforced characterizations like Sonic who I’m more than happy to admit is pretty well done in this series (even showing a bit of vulnerability here and there), but everything about Whisper feels like only a small piece to a fascinating puzzle.  Whatever is going on between her and Mimic eventually is not enough for her to reject Tangle’s offer of help for long and she begrudgingly agrees to work as a team on this mission.  As soon as they shake hands on it, there’s a THUMP at the door!  Without missing a beat, Whisper grabs her weapon, kicks the door wide open, and finds… no one is there!  BUT WAIT!  There’s a note from Mimic that was pinned to the door with a knife requesting that Whisper meet them so they can have their final confrontation.  And so the issue ends with Tangle geared up and ready to go, Whisper seeming rather apprehensive about the whole thing, and Jewel lamenting the fact that someone just stabbed her door!

“What time is it!?”     “Uh…”     “ADVENTURE TIME!”     “Can we squeeze in some REPAIR TIME first so that I don’t have to live with a hole in my door?”

I do like where this is going and I want to see SO much more of these characters, but it might have been a mistake to give so much away well in advance.  The annual having the first four pages of this issue that was later released as Tangle & Whisper 0 told us the basic outline of the story and unfortunately this issue didn’t have a whole lot more to say on it.  The misunderstanding was swiftly resolved as you had to imagine it would, and we’re headed off on some sort of quest, but a lot of basic questions remain unanswered.  We’ll no doubt be getting answers to those over the course of the next three issues, but with the front end of this already having been revealed and the ending leaving so much up in the air; it still feels like a preview issue more than anything else.  Frankly I would have classified this as issue zero since the ending point is where the mini-series should be starting proper; namely the two of them deciding to work together.  The one thing I’m curious how this series will handle though is Mimic because everything we’ve seen so far from them and Whisper’s reactions to them has the potential to be… well pretty rough.  I mean if the knife wasn’t an indication enough,  you can see the way they manipulate people for their own ends, and there are subtle bits of visual storytelling that show just how… well, SERIOUS Whisper’s quest to hunt them down really is.  Will the central conflict be that Tangle is SO far out of her element that she becomes a liability to Whisper’s detached and coldblooded mercenary style?  I kind of hope so, but I know better than to think they’ll go THAT far in a book even tangentially connected to Sonic the Hedgehog, but there’s enough going on here that I’m interested to see where they might go beyond the fact that these two characters are fun to watch anyway.  So hey!  We’ll see where this is all headed next month which DOES feel like an eternity from now, but at least I now have two books to recap on a regular basis instead of just one!  Oh wait; I was supposed to review those Archie Sonic books, wasn’t I?  I should probably get back to that at some point…

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