The NekoCon Diaries 2016: NekoCon Harder


Another year has passed which means it’s time for Doctor Scientist and I (along with Doctor Scientist’s girlfriend this time) to head back to Hampton VA and attend NekoCon 2016!  And yes, if we do this again next year, than it will be called NekoCon with a Vengeance.  With my schedule the way it is (work, website, sleep, repeat until death) I’m not one to get out much for anything other than seeing movie and making poor choices about my diet, so I really have been looking forward to going back to this convention since I got back from it last year.  So how was it?  Well considering that this is only my second convention ever, let’s just say that it’s still a work in progress for me to get the most out of my experience.  I’m not a typically social person in the first place, so being surrounded by THAT many people is nerve racking to a certain degree which kinda limited how much fun I was having at the time; rather I was focusing a lot on having a full schedule so I would have lots to talk about here.  I do have a notebook full of notes and a mountain full of things I bought, so there’s no doubt I got something out of it, but the in-between moments where I had an hour or two before the next event, I was struggling to do anything other than walk around the Vendor’s Hall decidedly not buying anything and not really talking to people either.  Oh well.  Live and learn I guess.  I DID get more pictures this year than last, so that’s something at least!

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I ended up wearing the same two costumes this year that I had last year, starting with Travis Touchdown on Friday.  It’s a pretty simple costume, but by the end of the day I hated my hair and couldn’t wait to wash that crap out of it.  Maybe I just need more practice in cosplaying to build up my stamina, but even an outfit like that ended up grating on my after a while.


That costume though was a freaking dream compared to Saturday as I dressed up as Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish… which I guess STILL counts as crossplaying?  I used the same cheap wig from last year, only the difference this time is that it sat in a bag in a closet for a year, so it was a total mess and gave me a raging headache.  I ended up ditching the costume after three hours, but I at least managed to get a few pictures before doing so.


The game room was back once again, but sadly enough they did not bring Para Para Paradise to this convention.  Fortunately they made up for it by having a Pop’n Music machine there which I probably ended up having just as much fun with, and now I have to find out how to make one of those damn controllers form scratch so I can feed this new addiction!  That, or I can spend $160 on one which SEEMS like a bit much for a nine button controller, but what the hell do I know?  Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of it, but I’m sure all of you have seen JewWario’s video on it, right?


And with that, I think we can put this opening salvo to end.  Next time, I’ll be discussing the Fan Panels that I attended with much more coming after that!  Stay tuned!

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