Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 8 (8-2-2021)

Sincerest of apologies for this one being as late as it is. We DID record it on August second, but somehow my recording software got my half of the audio at an absurdly low quality. All of it was captured, but it was not something I could upload so I ended up rerecording my entire half of the show which only added to the usual post-recording editing that I usually do.


Some sad news at the start with the release of Bray Wyatt, but still a fun episode as always! What did you think of the Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan match, and what other bizarre matches would you like to see wrestling companies try to pull off? Let us know in the comments!

Bray Wyatt released from WWE [00:26 – 08:21]
AEW Dynamite (7/28/2021) [08:22 – 46:39]
The Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan (GCW) [46:40 – 51:29]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

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