Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 9 (9-14-2021)

A lot has happened since our last episode and we just weren’t able to record again until very recently, so this is one big catchup episode that covers everything we missed leading up to the All Out PPV which will be getting its own episode very soon!

NXT Releases and the Change in Direction [00:45 – 08:59]
2.0 and Daniel Garcia [9:00 – 13:52]
The Labors of Jericho [13:53 – 26:24]
Malakai Black [26:25 – 36:39]
AEW Rampage [36:40 – 47:57]
The Tag Title Picture [47:58 – 1:00:54]
The Women’s Title Picture [1:00:55 – 1:05:16]
The World Title Picture [1:05-17 – 1:12:15]
Paul Wight Vs QT Marshall and The Gun Club [1:12:16 – 1:15:17]
Daunte Martin [1:15:18 – 1:17:05]
Pac and Andrade [1:17:06 – 1:18:44]
Miro and Eddie Kingston [1:18:45 – 1:20:50]
CM Punk at AEW [1:20:51 – 1:29:24]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 8 (8-2-2021)

Sincerest of apologies for this one being as late as it is. We DID record it on August second, but somehow my recording software got my half of the audio at an absurdly low quality. All of it was captured, but it was not something I could upload so I ended up rerecording my entire half of the show which only added to the usual post-recording editing that I usually do.


Some sad news at the start with the release of Bray Wyatt, but still a fun episode as always! What did you think of the Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan match, and what other bizarre matches would you like to see wrestling companies try to pull off? Let us know in the comments!

Bray Wyatt released from WWE [00:26 – 08:21]
AEW Dynamite (7/28/2021) [08:22 – 46:39]
The Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan (GCW) [46:40 – 51:29]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 7 (8-2-2021)

Had some audio issues on my end early in the episode (I’ll need to start looking into some soundproofing), but still a fun episode with lots to discuss!

Bryan Danielson & CM Punk in talks for AEW [00:20 – 08:04]
WWE Money in the Bank [08:05 – 44:39]
AEW Dynamite (7/21/2021) [44:40 – 1:16:22]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 6 (7-26-2021)

We’re running a bit behind, so thank you for your patience and thank you for listening! Is the Elite GM app worth getting? Did the main event of Fyter Fest Night 1 go too far? Let us know in the comments!

AEW All Elite GM App – First Impressions [00:25 – 08:01]
AEW Dynamite (7/14/2021) [08:02 – 44:39]
Ric Flair Vs. Jay Lethal – Woo-Off [44:40 – 51:50]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 4 (7-05-2021)

What do you think about Zelina Vega returning to WWE, or perhaps you have some thoughts on The Three Stooges showing up on Raw? Let us know in the comments!

00:00 – Opening 01:04 – Zelina Vega returns to WWE 04:31 – AEW Dynamite (6/30/2021) 41:16

Zelina Vega returns to WWE [1:04 – 4:30]
AEW Dynamite (6/30/21) [4:31 – 41:15]
The Three Stooges on Raw [41:16 – 46:14]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 2 (6-29-2021)

Our second episode of the Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast! We’re still working out the audio issues, but let us know what you think and let us know what you’d like to see from the show!

Nikki Cross’ New Gimmick [0:56 – 10:19]
AEW Dynamite (6/18/2021) [10:20 – 46:54]
NXT TakeOver: In Your House (6/13/2021) [46:55 – 1:00:26]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Jumping the Soapbox: Games of 2020 (Part 1)

A year on this website wouldn’t be complete with a rundown of some of the games I managed to play in the preceding twelve months; almost none of which came out that year!  Frankly unless it’s a big Nintendo release or something REALLY up my alley like a Hideo Kojima game, I rarely buy games when they come out and 2020 proved to be pretty anemic for big releases that caught my attention.  Still, my backlog is enormous and it’s worth pointing out what games were really good (or really bad) even if they aren’t the freshest things out there.  I mean heck, with Steam and online storefronts being what they are, who can even say what’s relevant anymore and what games can or cannot capture a bit of the spotlight?  Probably not most of these games though as I tend to not have much in terms of “taste” but let’s see take a glimpse at what kept me entertained in the bad year to end all bad years!


Batman: Arkham Knight (PC)

Developed by Rocksteady Studios

My big purchase of the year was a brand spanking new graphics card for my very old and out of date system, and one of the games I got to kind of benchmark it was this.  The Batman games to me are kind of like Dynasty Warriors in that I ignore pretty much everything going on around them when they’re released and will just pick and choose the ones I want to play years after everyone stopped caring.  To its credit, whatever bugs plagued this game on release don’t SEEM to be there anymore as I had a very smooth experience, and while the narrative is eye rolling tripe the gameplay was interesting enough for me to stick with it for a while.  What kind of sticks out about the Batman games is that they do go the extra mile to make things feel like a “Game” and not just an open world sandbox of repetitive action.  Sure, you can while away the hours picking off random things if you really want to, but the story missions aren’t just concentrated arenas for the same open world gameplay.  The last mission I played before I put it down for a while (I’ll try to get back to it at some point) was the blimp level, and the fact that they bothered to introduce this shifting angle mechanic  to give it something distinctive was very much appreciated.  If you liked the Batman games and aren’t burnt out by them just yet then this is more of the same with a next gen sheen to it (though I guess at this point it’s decided CURRENT if not LAST gen) and one of these a console generation seems to be the right amount.

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