Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 9 (9-14-2021)

A lot has happened since our last episode and we just weren’t able to record again until very recently, so this is one big catchup episode that covers everything we missed leading up to the All Out PPV which will be getting its own episode very soon!

NXT Releases and the Change in Direction [00:45 – 08:59]
2.0 and Daniel Garcia [9:00 – 13:52]
The Labors of Jericho [13:53 – 26:24]
Malakai Black [26:25 – 36:39]
AEW Rampage [36:40 – 47:57]
The Tag Title Picture [47:58 – 1:00:54]
The Women’s Title Picture [1:00:55 – 1:05:16]
The World Title Picture [1:05-17 – 1:12:15]
Paul Wight Vs QT Marshall and The Gun Club [1:12:16 – 1:15:17]
Daunte Martin [1:15:18 – 1:17:05]
Pac and Andrade [1:17:06 – 1:18:44]
Miro and Eddie Kingston [1:18:45 – 1:20:50]
CM Punk at AEW [1:20:51 – 1:29:24]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 8 (8-2-2021)

Sincerest of apologies for this one being as late as it is. We DID record it on August second, but somehow my recording software got my half of the audio at an absurdly low quality. All of it was captured, but it was not something I could upload so I ended up rerecording my entire half of the show which only added to the usual post-recording editing that I usually do.


Some sad news at the start with the release of Bray Wyatt, but still a fun episode as always! What did you think of the Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan match, and what other bizarre matches would you like to see wrestling companies try to pull off? Let us know in the comments!

Bray Wyatt released from WWE [00:26 – 08:21]
AEW Dynamite (7/28/2021) [08:22 – 46:39]
The Invisible Man Vs. Invisible Stan (GCW) [46:40 – 51:29]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 7 (8-2-2021)

Had some audio issues on my end early in the episode (I’ll need to start looking into some soundproofing), but still a fun episode with lots to discuss!

Bryan Danielson & CM Punk in talks for AEW [00:20 – 08:04]
WWE Money in the Bank [08:05 – 44:39]
AEW Dynamite (7/21/2021) [44:40 – 1:16:22]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 4 (7-05-2021)

What do you think about Zelina Vega returning to WWE, or perhaps you have some thoughts on The Three Stooges showing up on Raw? Let us know in the comments!

00:00 – Opening 01:04 – Zelina Vega returns to WWE 04:31 – AEW Dynamite (6/30/2021) 41:16

Zelina Vega returns to WWE [1:04 – 4:30]
AEW Dynamite (6/30/21) [4:31 – 41:15]
The Three Stooges on Raw [41:16 – 46:14]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast: Episode 2 (6-29-2021)

Our second episode of the Phenomenal Wrestling Podcast! We’re still working out the audio issues, but let us know what you think and let us know what you’d like to see from the show!

Nikki Cross’ New Gimmick [0:56 – 10:19]
AEW Dynamite (6/18/2021) [10:20 – 46:54]
NXT TakeOver: In Your House (6/13/2021) [46:55 – 1:00:26]

My co-host Ryan can be found at the links below!

A Farewell to Brodie Lee

On 12/26/2020, the wrestling world lost one of its best as Jonathan Huber, also known as Luke Harper and most recently Brodie Lee, lost his life to a non-COVID related lung issue.  For years he had worked in WWE and was most recognizable as one of Bray Wyatt’s followers before spinning off with fellow Bray Wyatt follower Erick Rowan to form The Bludgeon Brothers.  This is where I first took note of him as I started watching wrestling again right as Wyatt was winding down (eventually teaming up with Matt Hardy to form The Deleters of Worlds and disappearing entirely before reemerging as The Fiend) and The Bludgeon Brothers definitely stood out as unstoppable monsters that the Baby Face teams had to overcome.  Despite having such an instantly recognizable look and an indelible presence, Harper wasn’t given many opportunities and he eventually left the company at the end of 2019 to join AEW a few months later.  This is where he truly started to shine for a lot of people and made his big debut as The Exalted One Brodie Lee, leader of The Dark Order, but as luck would have it his debut was on 3/18/2020; the very week AEW started having empty arena shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Phenomenal Fighters Wrestling – The Road to Virtual Sports Entertainment Glory!!

Everyone needs a hobby and as much as I enjoy writing for this website, I needed something else to pass the time and reignite my passion to create.  Now if you’ve been following me on twitter (which if you’re not you can VERY EASILY START DOING) you’ll know that this hobby I came up with was to create a Virtual Wrestling Federation; to create essentially from scratch a roster of fighters and a brand for them to fight on.  The initial fruits of that effort can be viewed above which is the pilot episode Phenomenal Fighters Wrestling: Melee, but hopefully I won’t be stopping there considering just how much work I put into this thing already, but if nothing else I can at least tell the tale of how it all came together.


IN THE BEGINNING… wait, where do I begin?

The two things I knew right off the bat is that I wanted to use WWE 2K19 and that my system could not handle it at anything above PS2 level graphics settings, so while I saved up some money to finally upgrade my system, I started just writing things down.  I needed some sort of structure to start with, so I bought the World Wide Wrestling RPG books by Nathan D Paoletta just to get an idea of where I needed to begin.  Ultimately I didn’t really end up using them, but the character sheets gave me a starting point; come up with a name, a general outline, and a few wrestling moves.  From there I came up with my initial roster as well as the name of the company.  From there it expanded into an Excel Spreadsheet I’ve called THE BOOK that has like twenty different tabs at this point with all my ideas, all the details I need to keep track of, and so on.  With the groundwork laid, I knew I had to bite the bullet and buy the game.

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