Super Recaps: Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 (Where Does the Dream Pick Up? Find the Super Saiyan God!)

Dragon Ball Super and all the images you see in this recap are owned by Toei Animation and licensed by Funimation

We back with another episode of Dragon Ball: The Next Generation.  Wait, didn’t they already do that with A Hero’s Legacy?  Anyway, the last episode managed to get a lot of point from me for giving us a decent side story with Vegeta and his family, but it started to turn for me once we started focusing again on Beerus and what we KNOW he’s gonna end up doing in just a few episodes.  Sure, if you HAVEN’T seen the two movies that came out already then it might be a bit more interesting to watch the guy wreck shit across the galaxy, but I can’t bring myself to care about that half as much as I care about watching Vegeta awkwardly trying to be a decent father.  So does this episode give us more character moments that reveal or expand upon what we already know about our heroes, or will this instead focus on keeping the plot train running as it heads towards a conclusion we’re all already aware of?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins with Lord douchebag… I mean Lord Beerus, on his way back to his Space Palace; all the while trying to remember what it was he saw in the dream he had in the last episode.  Spoiler Alert: It’s Goku.  Also, this marks the point in the series where I start to notice those heavily criticized animation shortcuts this show seems to be famous for, and… yeah.  Whenever they go for medium shots of the characters, the detailing takes a HUGE nosedive and it makes the whole production look cheap which PARTICULARLY sucks considering how good the original shows looked.  Now this kind of streamlined approach to the detailing can work for LONG shots (you don’t want something small to have too many lines), but at this distance it’s incredibly noticeable.

What happened to Beerus’s thumb!?

All the shenanigans that Beerus has been up to (and by shenanigans I mean genocide) gets the Elder Kai’s attention again and he begins filling in Supreme Kai, as well as the audience, on a few more details.  First, Beerus isn’t one of those misunderstood Gods like Hades where he’s got the shit job and gets lots of hate just because SOMEONE has to do it.  Beerus, despite being some sort of cosmic balance for the Kais, does not serve an actual purpose in the Universe and merely destroys on a whim.  I mean, for a Universe that seems THIS planned out with Kai’s and Dragon Balls and shit, it seems like a rather bad idea to have one chaotic mother fucker who can wipe out all life whenever he wants to, but maybe I’m just not grasping the BIG PICTURE.  Whatever the case may be, the reason Elder Kai is shitting bricks about his return is that some hot headed warrior might try to challenge him which would DEFINITELY spell doom for the Universe.  After all, if you get Lord Beerus worked up and the get your faced smooshed in, he’s gotta cool down somehow!  What is he SUPPOSED to do except go full DALEK?  Oh well.  It’s not like there’s someone out there dumb enough to try, right?

“The carrot is in the cake and the cake will stay in the fridge.”     “What!?”     “It’s not that hard Elder Kai!  I’ve got Goku here and I’m not gonna say shit about Lord-”     “We’ve got carrot cake, King Kai?”     “MOTHER OF A KAMI!  DON’T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!”

These shenanigans by the way include probably the most important question that Dragon Ball Z left hanging throughout the entire Buu Saga.  While trying to distract Goku from what he is doing, King Kai brings up this little fact that HE STILL HASN’T WISHED HIM, HIS MONKEY, AND HIS CRICKET BACK TO LIFE!!  THANK YOU for finally bringing that up!  Sure, the only reason he’s mentioning it is to distact Goku, but I’m glad SOMEONE finally acknowledged it!  Also, the scene is even funnier when you remember that Sean Schemmel voices both Goku AND King Kai, so I just like to imagine the dude yelling to himself for an hour in the recording booth.


“I SWEAR I’M GONNA RIP THIS HALO OFF AND WRING IT AROUND YOU STUPID NECK!!”     “Why are you bringing up old shit, King Kai?”     “BECAUSE YOU KILLED ME!!”

Thanks to King Kai’s tireless efforts, the universe is safe for at least a little while longer as Goku goes back to training to try and ignore all the yelling.  This respite appears to be short lived however as Beerus is still racking his brain trying to figure out exactly what he dreamed about and even gets that fish thingy from the movies to help him out.  I remember seeing it in those but I don’t remember them explaining what their purpose, and the show helpfully fills in that little blank by explaining that they are a seer of some sort who prophesized that Beerus would meet his arch rival ON THIS VERY DAY!!  Well isn’t THAT convenient!  From there, Beerus is given a run-down of the history of Dragon Ball Z from Whis; confirming that there are still a few Saiyans left after Beerus gave Freiza the idea to blow Planet Vegeta the fuck up, and that Goku is the strongest among them.  This explanation doesn’t take too long so it’s a decent enough refresher for anyone rusty on the DBZ lore, and it does give us a few interesting details that haven’t been brought up before.  For one, Earth is located Sector 4032-Green (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) and it’s designated planet 877.  I’m not sure if that’s going to be of any relevance, but considering how much of this series (just in three episodes) has taken place off of Earth, it may be something that comes back later if the show continues to explore the rest of the universe.  Oh, and it wasn’t an asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs.  IT WAS BEERUS!!  Not sure why he didn’t blow up the whole planet along with them, but it seems he was in a forgiving mood at the time.  Most importantly though, this scene confirms that Beerus does in fact have some form of genital.  Exactly what kind is uncertain (I’m sure I can find some fan theories on that) but it’s enough to make Whis blush.

“I can see this discussion is VERY much to your liking, my lord!”

They manage to find out that Goku is currently training on King Kai’s planet, so they chart a course and head out to meet the one person who could just be a Super Saiyan God.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on your point of view), despite being the most powerful characters in the entire damn universe, they still haven’t picked up the Yardrat technique of Instant Transmission which means it’s gonna take them until the next episode to get there.  Oh, but who cares about impending doom!?  IT’S PARTY TIME!!  Bulma’s party time, specifically.  In what is probably the most drastic deviation this show is taking from Battle of the Gods (at least so far), Bulma’s Birthday Blowout is on a cruise liner instead of in her backyard which, even for Bulma, seems a TAD excessive.  Still, we get a smattering of nice moments from the DBZ supporting cast and, while not all that deep or even as good as what we saw in Battle of the Gods, they’re fine for padding out the run time as we’re just waiting for this episode to end so we can pick up with the Beerus and Goku fight.  Then again, it’s not ALL sunshine and roses on the cruise as we get a moment with Master Roshi who just isn’t all that funny at this point and this is ALSO the second time that they put him together with Chi-Chi just so she can yell at him which I think is a pretty ineffective use of that character.  She could be doing much more than smacking perverts upside the head!


“Why is half my allotted screen time shared with YOU!?  This new contract SUCKS!!”

Vegeta by the way is still training his tight ass off in the Gravity Room, but you could probably assume that from how the last episode ended.  The guy went on a five hour vacation with his family already!  He needs at least another two years before he has the strength to do something like that again!!  And that’s really about it.  Everyone who’s NOT a Saiyan Jerk is on the party boat for Bulma’s birthday and Beerus is on his way to wreck shit in the hopes of temporary dulling his unending boredom with the universe.  If only someone could get him into stamp collecting or making obnoxious rants on YouTube!

“Like, share, and subscribe.  If you don’t, I’LL KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!”     “Well at least he tells it like it is!”

This episode just FLEW by which is honestly fine by me considering how boiler plat the events were.  Sure, there was a scene here or there that got my attention (mostly between King Kai and Goku) but it feels like exactly what it is which is the ending of the first act of a movie.  This is the inherent danger of trying to convert a film to a series of episodes as the pacing from a full three act structure can’t easily be converted into an episodic format, so something that would take maybe ten minutes out of a movie has to be stretched out to a full twenty two minutes; lest we start encroaching on parts that would work better in its own episode rather than awkwardly tacked onto the end of this one (i.e. the upcoming fight).  Hopefully that won’t be such a problem once we get through this arc and the Resurrection F arc after that, but for what it’s worth it’s not a BAD episode; just an entirely disposable one.

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