Super Wrestling: AEW Dynamite (03-24-2021)

AEW Dynamite is owned by All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, Shahid Khan, and TNT

Last week’s episode wasn’t exactly a barn burner for the first half or so, but it definitely managed to come together by the end with one of the most spectacular women’s matches in quite some time as Thunder Rosa just barely won out against Britt Baker in a Lights Out match at the end of the show.  Fortunately they aren’t trying to recreate that magic this week (you throw in THAT many hardcore matches, you’re liable not to have a roster before long), but with so much hype following that match can AEW put on a fantastic show to keep everyone’s interest despite a more modest card?  Let’s find out!!


Kenny Omega Vs. Matt Sydal – AEW World Title Match Qualifier

They do a good job of recapping the events that led up to this which were on AEW Dark Elevation, as Matt Sydal beat Micahel Nakazawa to get this match which is NOT for the title but if he wins this match he WILL get a title fight.  I guess when your win-loss record is as spotty as Sydal’s that having to win TWICE is a fair compromise for jumping over everyone else, and it means that Kenny gets to open the show which is certainly a good way to start things off!  Despite Sydal’s inability to win ANY match on Dynamite, the guy is an unbelievable talent and proves to be a good foil for Omega as Sydal proves to have him beat in agility and coordination while Omega has the power to stop him in his tracks.  It goes back and forth between Sydal doing fun flippy stuff that leaves Omega befuddled and Omega bashing Sydal so hard that it nearly knocks him out of his wrestling boots.  Sydal eventually starts to get some momentum and gives Kenny a run for his money; even getting a two count off a Hurricanrana that launched Kenny from the middle rope to the middle of the ring followed by a Brain Buster that left Kenny flat on his back.  This failed pin attempt leads to Kenny’s slow, methodical, and downright sadistic comeback where he starts playing the greatest hits for the crowd, but he fails to land the V-Trigger and Sdyal gets a VERY close two count out of it.  Kenny then throws Sydal in a way similar to a Buckle Bomb to soften Sydal up and lands a few V-Triggers for good measure.  However, he pushes his luck and tries to land a One Winged Angel which Sydal reverses out of; giving him a momentary retrieve and one last chance to win this.  Kenny goes for the One Winged Angel again and Sydal manages to once again escape to somehow get an even CLOSER two count!  Third time proves to be the charm however as Kenny gives him a V-Trigger as soon as he pops out of the pin and finally lands the One Winged Angel to get the win.  Sydal’s a guy who looks good even in defeat and there’s really no reason for him to have won this match considering he has nothing to do with the bigger title picture, but seeing him here only reinforces how great it’ll be once he FINALLY gets that big win on television; especially if the match is even half as good as this one!


The Dark order are in the back getting hyped for the match with Jon Silver even getting the other members to train with him; giving him Coffin Drop after Coffin Drop for him to avoid until Alan Angels tries and falls flat on his butt!  It’s all very delightful, but Page kind of reigns on their parade by telling Silver that he’s a winner no matter what happens out there… implying that he’s not going to win!?  WHAT MIND GAMES ARE YOU PLAYING, HANGMAN!?  Speaking of Adam Page…


Hangman Adam Page Vs. Cezar Bononi

Alright, so the two times I’ve seen Cezar was a Cody Rhodes match I really liked but led to Cody getting hurt, and a Battle Royal where he just did a bunch of decent Big Man shtick before getting tossed out.  I certainly like the guy’s look, his presence, and I thought he was a decent wrestler, but now I will be looking more closely to see if I missed anything the other two times I saw him.  I certainly missed the injury he inflicted, so this is the time for some tough love!  Frankly though, he may be a little OVERLY safe in this match here as he doesn’t want to hurt Hangman, though maybe that’s just me paying EXTRA close attention.  He drops Hangman on the apron with a decent amount of flair but it looked like a soft landing for Hangman, and there’s a punch where you can definitely see he uses his left hand to push him down while swinging OVER his head with his right hand; none of which I particularly mind as I DON’T want wrestlers getting hurt in the ring, and after watching this match the only thing that REALLY stands out is that the dude is kind of awkward. Still, that kind of works with his gimmick as he’s got presence, wit, and a very expressive face, but he’s also a guy that relies entirely on the surface level attributes of his size and strength which is what allows smaller guys like Hangman to out wrestle him with relative ease.  They only go for about two minutes before Hangman gets the Buckshot Lariat and pins Bononi before heading to the back with a couple of beers.  See, THIS is the kind of squash match I like to see!  It’s not just one guy winning quickly over another to pad their record, there’s some genuine insight about the loser and some fun spots thrown in for good measure!  Is Bononi a bad wrestler?  It’s hard to say after seeing him in the ring for two more minutes, but there’s something about the guy that I still REALLY like and I hope he manages to smooth out his rough edges to make the most of his time here at AEW.


We cut to a video of Lance Archer sitting in a derelict warehouse in the middle of the day as he talks on and on about Sting taking up time that should rightfully be going to him!  Such as… the time he’s using right now that he spends airing these grievances out?  There’s nothing much to this, but I do want to point out that the guy has the PALEST legs I’ve ever seen which is doubly jarring considering how tanned his upper body is.  Does the dude not take off his pants when he goes to the tanning booth, or does he just stand under a giant heat lamp until he starts smelling bacon? 


Tony Schiavone and Britt Baker are on the stage to talk about the Lights Out match from last week, but Tony insists on everyone giving her a round of applause as she may not have won the match but she was part of one of the best matches in this company’s history.  The crowd, unsure of how to respond, mostly boos at her and Baker is quite upset at how unappreciative they all are of her and for everything she does for them.  She then takes the mic and calls out Thunder Rosa for riding on her bloody coat tails to fame and even goes so far as to call out all the other hardcore legends including Mic Foley for doing in one night what it took them twenty years to accomplish.  She was half of one of the better women’s matches in a long time so she more than deserves this victory lap, and I’m curious where she’s going to go next.  She’s lost to Shida AND Rosa (not to mention Nyla Rose in the tournament), so maybe it’s time to bring Big Swole back for another feud with her?  Heck, Kris Statlander is gonna need someone to fight once she’s back in action, so maybe that’s on the table as well.


Christian Cage is in the back chatting with some of the lower card guys when none other than Frankie Kazarian walks in and starts getting SUPER passive aggressive about this guy’s sudden return and his claim to OUT WORK EVERYONE; something that Kazarian rightfully takes a small amount of umbrage with considering how consistently excellent he’s been for the past two years.  They decide that in the spirit of “friendly” competition that Christian Cage’s first match will be next week between him and Kazarian to see who’s the better fit for that little catch phrase of his.  This will be the first for me to see Cage in action, but I’ve only heard good things about the guy’s level of talent and I can’t imagine Kazarian not being able to drag him through a good match no matter how rusty he might be.


Varsity Blondes & Dante Martin Vs. FTR & Shawn Spears

FTR & Spears are accompanied to the ring by Tully, MJF, and Wardlow

Spears is the definite jobber on this new team and he proves it by getting his butt handed him early on as each member of the other team works his arms over in more and more creative ways.  It’s not until Dax tags in that The Pinnacle start to get in some offense but even then they’re fighting from underneath as Varsity Blondes and Dante leap circles over these guys and push them out of the ring with their high flying antics.  It’s almost a surprise that they DO end up winning considering how long the Baby Faces ran away with this, but a Brain Buster from Dax and a C4 from Shawn Spears are enough to get the pin on Dante.  They rough up their opponents a bit after the bell and talk trash about The Inner Circle for a while before MJF announces he will be giving his new family a gift on next week’s Dynamite.  This is a marathon and not a sprint, so having the new Heel faction not COMPLETELY overwhelm their opponents right off the bat is perfectly fine, but they definitely feel The Inner Circle Lite as they have a similar make up and do a lot of the same things that Jericho and company do but not QUITE as good or with as much fun.  They are positioning themselves as the serious alternative to The Inner Circle’s wacky antics, but even so there’s still a bit of work to do here for them to be seen as a serious threat and not just a rip off.


We cut to Team Taz where Taz is ASSURING us that everything is just fine with the group; something you KNOW is true because Ricky is smiling through gritted teeth and Cage is rolling his eyes the whole time.  Honestly, the only ones who seem to not care about any of this drama are Hobbs and Hook who just seem happy to be there whether or not one of their guys is praising Sting, and frankly it would be nice if they got a few matches on Dynamite sooner rather than later.  As for Cage and Starks, I could see a split happening soon and that would be a REALLY cool match to see!


QT Marshall is Mad! What’s gotten into the guy!?

Tony drags QT Marshall to the ring for an interview, and… it just doesn’t work.  There’s definitely a story to tell here as QT Marshall is one of those guys who at first glance doesn’t look like he’ll have the star power to be a main eventer despite all he does in and out of the ring, but the problem is the weird disconnect between reality and Kayfabe as they seem to be unsure which one is better so they just mix the two.  In Kayfabe, he was dating Allie for a bit, but in this promo he talks about his real life wife which is a bit awkward as I didn’t even know the dude was married and the whole thing with Allie is never brought up.  What I DO know is that QT Marshall is one of the big trainers at AEW who is more responsible than pretty much anyone else there of getting some of the greener talent up to snuff for television, and yet instead of going with THAT bit of reality they instead make up this Kayfabe story that QT is Cody’s personal assistant or something; getting him coffee and all that.  I mean look, Average Joe stories DO work in wrestling and QT is a good enough worker to put on great matches, but it’s just not coming together in this promo; so much so that the crowd starts to taunt him when they SHOULD be at least somewhat sympathetic to his plight.  In any case, he calls out Cody to settle this conflict between them and challenges Cody to an Exhibition match next week and Cody comes out to accept it; not because he’s angry at QT for being a jerk recently, but to help smooth things over between them.  Not only that, he enlists Arn Anderson as the special referee.  It’s a bit condescending as Cody assures QT he won’t hurt him (which of course assumes that he can get himself in a position TO hurt QT) but QT is still getting the match he asked for, and we’ll see where all that is going.  Unless something REALLY impressive happens in that Exhibition match, I don’t think this is a feud that would sell PPVs, but I would be interested to see QT start a NEW faction with a bunch of undercard guys he personally trained to go up against whatever’s left of The Nightmare Family.


The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler Vs. The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid

I don’t follow Lucha Wrestling, but I’ve at least HEARD of Laredo Kid so I’m excited to see what all these guys can do in the ring, and how Brandon Cutler is going to screw it up for The Bucks!  Come on, the guy had a Zero Wins gimmick for a while there!  There’s NO way anyone else is going to eat the loss here!  Things start a LITTLE bit tedious as The Bucks and The Lucha Bros spend the first few minutes showing off instead of really getting into the match, but once Cutler and Laredo Kid start to lock up, things definitely start to get more intense and the match starts firing on all cylinders.  Perhaps I was a bit glib about Cutler there as the dude is DEFINITELY a skilled wrestler no matter what his win/loss record is, and he has this Springboard Elbow Strike where he reaches Marq Quen levels of height!  Things go back and forth through the commercial break and a bit after, but things start to get a bit more desperate once Nick and Rey are in the ring with some flashy but also devastating moves.  Matt and Laredo Kid eventually tag in and in one of the few instances that Matt has a size advantage, starts taking Kid to Northern Light Suplex City!  The Bucks land a Risky Business and Cutler lands a Springboard Elbow Drop, but only get a two count as Penta breaks up the pin.  It’s not enough to halt The Bucks momentum though as those two along with Cutler spend a few minutes just tearing The Lucha Bros apart with some really rough looking moves.  There’s a Senton Bomb off the corner, an Assisted Indie-Taker, and even a Springboard DDT that sends Rey’s skull crashing into the apron.  However, they made the mistake of leaving Cutler in the ring alone with Laredo Kid, and he lands a Spanish Fly to get the pin on Cutler.  Bit of an anti-climactic finish as The Bucks had some serious momentum before it all just came to an end, but it was still a fun high flying match that certainly made Cutler look like a serious competitor!

As soon as the match is over, Kenny comes out with a HUMONGOUS chip on his shoulder as he seems to be tearing himself apart at the seams.  Apparently he’s upset that The Bucks chose Brandon Cutler to be their partner in this match instead of him, and it’s the last straw in a series of indignities he’s suffered trying to The Bucks’ friend.  He had PLENTY of options three years ago, but instead of getting a lucrative contract at a big company, he threw his weight behind The Bucks for this little startup company and yet The Bucks never seemed to have appreciated him for it; none of which is true, but he’s in a bad mood right now is not about to let “Facts” get in the way of a good rant.  He demands that The Bucks give him the Too Sweet hand gesture as a symbol of their commitment to be his friend, but they turn their back on him and Kenny has finally accepted that it is OVER between them!  As one last kick in the pants, he eats a kick in the face from the Lucha wrestlers and an Assisted Pile Driver for good measure before being left in a crumpled heap right in the middle of the ring.  Don Callis, despite being Kenny’s number one advocate, doesn’t do much to help and instead waits for The Good Brothers to make their way from the back; carrying Kenny out of there and leaving an uncertain future for the AEW World Champion.  I actually really liked this blow up as it gives Kenny some depth and a bit of tragedy to go with his title reign.  I’m curious to see what ridiculous grudge match he comes up with for The Bucks when he’s read to get his revenge!  A… crocodile, tear gas, Tornado Tag, Iron Man Match?


Kingston got his ankle smashed by The Good Brothers last week and is now in a cast, but he’s more amused than upset about it as The Good Brothers simply don’t understand the world of hurt they’ve got themselves into.  Him and Moxley are ready to get their hands much dirtier to get back at them for what they did to Kingston, and perhaps that would even meaning teaming up with The Bucks.  Hey, they may not particularly like them, but if they’re just as eager to spill The Good Brothers’ blood, then something can be worked out… as long as they’re REALLY ready to do what needs to be done!  I’m actually curious if The Bucks have fought a match even remotely like the kind of matches that Moxley finds himself in, but if Moxley and Kingston end up finding their way in the crocodile, tear gas, Tornado Tag, Iron Man Match, then I’m sure they can get them through it!


Tay Conti Vs. Nyla Rose

Rose is accompanied to the ring by Vickie Guerrero

 Similar to the Page/Bononi match, it’s a classic case of a Big Monster vs a Scrappy Baby Face, though Rose is booked as a much better wrestler than Bononi and Tay isn’t the powerhouse that Page is.  She’s got a heck of a fight in front of her that even her Judo Throws can’t quite give her the advantage in, and Rose spends a good while getting the heat.  Her first pin attempt is after landing that draping knee drop that ALWAYS looks like it’s gonna kill someone but doesn’t, and she only gets a two count off of it.  She gets the heat for a while after that (mostly during the commercial break) before Conti gets her hope spot to run wild, but it doesn’t seem to last for long as Rose continues to dominate after giving a hellacious lariat.  Still, Tay keeps fighting back and wriggles out of all of Rose’s big moves before landing her D-D-Tay to get the pin.  Wait a minute, what was that? She actually WON the match!?  Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are considering how dominate Rose is booked to be, but the Baby Face managed to pull it off here which the announcers not so subtlety hinted at will probably lead to a title run at some point!  All is not well however as Nyla is not taking the loss with grace and dignity and instead does as all heels do in this company which is to beat on their opponent after the bell rung.  Shida comes running out with a kendo stick and smashes Rose in the back to free Conti, but then The Bunny comes out and hits Shida with a kendo stick right back!  Matt, The Butcher, and The Blade come out with a microphone to proclaim the Women’s Tournament from a few weeks ago was a TOTAL SHAM because The Bunny wasn’t in it, and that his clients will no longer be ignored here!  It was a solid match that gave Tay some credibility (even if the out of nowhere finish kind of undercut some of that) and we’re moving forward with something new in the Women’s division.  Seriously, when was the last time The Bunny even had a match?  Has she EVER had a match on Dynamite!?


Darby Allin Vs. Jon Silver – TNT Title Match

 Silver is just rag dolling Darby all over the place which is admittedly pretty standard for a Darby match, but it seems a bit odd that Silver is fighting this the way all his heel opponents do.  He’s not even working the crowd over or doing his big goofy smiles!  He’s single mindedly tossing Darby from corner to corner to try and win this match which is a lot of fun to watch as Darby is VERY good at taking this kind of punishment, but it just seems a bit off considering how much of a Baby Face Silver is and on top of that he’s probably a good inch or two shorter than Darby!  Then again, he DOES outweigh him by twenty pounds and has forearms the size of Popeye’s, so I guess it’s not too much of stretch to see him bully this skateboarding nerd.  Sadly, things come to a screeching halt right after the commercial break as Silver takes a bump over the rail and seems to have injured his right arm.  We know that he IS in fact injured and is out for about eight weeks, but it’s unclear if this is the spot that the injury occurred or if it was an unfortunate coincidence that he starts selling his arm right before he injures it.  I’m leaning towards the former as he takes forever to get in the ring and it seems like everyone is trying to find ways to fill the rest of the time with him not being able to continue.  Alan Angels takes a Suicide Dive from Darby who lays outside the ring for a bit and Sting comes out with his bat to just kinda stare at them, but eventually Silver fights through the pain and starts putting on a good show; favoring kicks over punches of course.  They go back and forth for a bit before Darby hits the Coffin Drop on Silver, but Silver manages to fight through and tries to put Darby on the top rope to do a Superplex.  Darby manages to fight him off however and ends up doing a Coffin Drop onto the Dark Order below before setting his sights back on Silver; something he probably regrets because that gave Silver enough time to recover and do some sort of F5 looking thing from the top rope that would have gotten him the win if Darby hadn’t gotten his boot on the ropes.  Not deterred, Silver goes for Brodie Lee’s Powerbomb, but Allin manages to fight out of it and reverses into a Code Red which is enough to get him the win and retain his title.  That’s not enough to end the show on however as Hardy & Friends rush the ring to start attacking everybody (including The Dark Order) with the episode coming to an end amidst the chaos.


It didn’t end on a particularly high now with the unfortunate injury in the middle of the match and the tacked on post-match segment, but this was a pretty darn good show for the most part!  Even if I’m alone in like the Hangman/ Bononi match, there was still a lot of great action from guys like Kenny Omega, The Lucha Bros, and even Brandon Cutler who looked great here even if he was destined to lose, and while not all the promos worked for me I think they’re doing a good job setting up their next slate of storylines which will eventually get us to the next PPV.  Not having Jon Silver in the ring for close to two months is going to be a HUGE drag on this show, but with the roster of solid talent that they have including plenty of up and coming guys, I’m sure things will be fine and we’ll still have lots of fun.  Plus, isn’t the benefit of joining The Dark Order that other people will back you up?  Perhaps it’s finally time for Alan Angels to shine!

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