Super Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal (Episode 2)

Alrighty!  We get to see the blue haired one this time, right?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (1)

That seems rather unlikely.  In fact, I did a bit of research and found out that the chances of someone having an IQ of 300 is 1/(1×10^23) (source)

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (2)

Did she wear glasses in the original?  Is this going to be like an 80s movie where she whips off her glasses and instantly becomes hotter?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (3)

“Quit your whining and go out there to face unimaginable horrors that will try to murder you!  Do as I say for I am the all powerful Luna Cat!”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (4)

She has a damn mob talking about how awesome she is.  Has she tried talking to ANY of them?  Have any of them tried talking to HER?

“We love you Ami!”

“Pft! I don’t need friends.”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (5)

Hello! Was this in the original?  They aren’t the ones who were cousins in the English dub, right?  She’s CLEARLY blushing!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (6)

So a local vigilante gets their own video game? Where the hell is my Phoenix Jones game!?  It would be a beat-em-up where you pepper spray jaywalkers!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (7)

“I got a free pen! Nothing suspicious about that, am I right?”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (8)

I don’t live in Japan so I don’t know much about this, but are cram schools usually the size of a fucking Skyscraper?  How many kids could possibly be in that thing!?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (9)

Wait.  If everything is done on computers, then why isn’t this an online course?  Why do they need the god damn skyscraper!?  Not only that, but who the hell was writing on the chalkboard!?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (10)

“uh… no she wasn’t? You must have a brain tumor or something.” … “ANYWAY!  Time for me to go!”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (11)In an earlier scene, they said that the courses were free. Who the hell are they keeping out?  On that note, why couldn’t Usagi just pretend to be a student there?  Do they have ID badges or something?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (12)

So wait. The arcade machine gives out pens that create disguises!?  How did Luna know that!?  I was certain that the pens were going to be part of some evil plan by the dude who works at the arcade!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (13)

How? No seriously. How is a super smart teenager supposed to conquer Japan? Is she going to start a world domination club?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (14)

“It was hard to miss considering the program started barking orders at me.  Luckily, it had no effect on me!  Don’t know why… maybe I’m too smart for it!”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (15)

I wonder where those orbs would end up if she one day decided to wear her hair in a different style.  Is she required to wear pigtail buns from now on?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (16)

“I should have planned this out better!  Next time I’ll bring a gun!”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (17)

What’s with the water motif?  I don’t think Mercury has water. Oh wait.  There’s a little bit.  Still, if water is her thing she should have been Sailor Earth.  71% baby!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (18)How does she already know what her special moves are!?  Does an alternate personality take over like in Yu-Gi-Oh?  That would explain how she was able to do the transformation with perfect choreography, but was still confused about what happened.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (19)

Once again, Tuxedo Mask comes in to save her sorry ass.  Is she gonna get good at this whole crime fighting thing anytime soon? Mercury’s been doing it for about 10 seconds, and is doing a better job than Usagi!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (20)

That’s not a boomerang. That’s a frisbee.  Do They not have boomerangs in Japan, or did they think Moon Tiara Frisbee would sound too silly?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (21)“I’m pretty sure I just killed her.”   …   “YAY!! I’m a hero!!”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (22)

Has Luna explained to them what a Sailor Guardian is yet?  They seem a little too willing to become crime fighters without even knowing where their powers come from and why.  Is Luna waiting to get the entire band together before explaining what the hell is going on?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 2 (23)

And we end with a teaser for the next scout… who is in a dark room surrounded by candles.  Why?  Is she going to part of some ritualistic sacrifice?  What is she doing in there, and why does she look sad!?

So that was episode 2! I liked it alot more than the first one.  The animation for Usagi seemed alot less restrained which let her be a lot more goofy.  I’m still waiting for her to actually DO something in the battles instead of getting saved and taking orders, but I guess we can just assume she’s still learning the ropes.  Anyway, I’m still optimistic about this show, and can’t wait til the next one comes out!


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