Super Recaps: Sailor Moon Crystal (Episode 1)

(For the record, I’ve never sat down to watch the original, but I know a little just from being a kid in the 90s.)

Have werewolves ever been in the series? Oh! They could be the Sailor Scout’s bodyguards!!



I hope this isn’t too… reverential of the original? I mean, I just hope this doesn’t lose the goofiness of the original.



Very nice way to start the opening. The whole team, lined up to kick your ass!



I know openings can be misleading, but if the action is this good in the actual show, I’ll be happy.



Are those CG characters? They look kind of weird.



Is she wearing heels with socks?



“Kissing someone when they are unconscious is VERY inappropriate young lady! FOR SHAME!!!”



It’s still early, but I’m not digging the less exaggerated art style.



It’ll probably make the action look great, but everything else looks too… polished?



It all ends up making every character look like a super model pretending to be 15.



Wait. Didn’t MC Pee Pants have a plan like this, only he used candy instead of greed?



“Are you seeing these multicolored bubbles too?”



“Man do I look pimp in this tux!”



“Mom? Are you ok?”



“Enjoy your gift Usagi! Just don’t ask where I was keeping it…”



The transformation looks good, but the CG character models still look weird to me.



“We are ready to serve you master! But my house is a few blocks away, so see you in half an hour.”



“Thanks for waiting for my minions to show up. All of you! ATTACK!!!!”



“You just killed someone! I am so proud of you!!”



“I’m pretty sure this is how you fly with a cape!”



“Juban”? Is that a joke or something? Does this not take place in Japan?



Ending credits are nice. Kind of reminds me of a slower version of the first Inuyasha closer.



So that was the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.  I’m not sure yet. I’ll definitely keep watching, but I can’t get over the art.  Ironically, my biggest hope for the new show is that they up the budget and make it look spectacular.  They did, and it does (especially in the fights), but I feel like it’s too polished and they ended up sanding off the personality in the process.  Maybe I’ll get used to it, or maybe it’ll be fixed later.  Can’t wait for the next episode!

And that was my first “Super Recap!”  Follow me on Twitter to hear my other random thoughts! It’s the closest thing you’ll have to psychic powers!!


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