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Living on Netflix: Mac and Devin Go to High School


You may recall a jaunty little tune from 2011 called Young Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.  If you saw the music video, you might think that it’s making fun of dopey movie soundtracks because scenes from what appears to be a REALLY terrible high school movie are being played during the video.  What a great gag, right?  Harkening back to the days when soundtracks would overshadow the terrible films they were written for!  Wait, they actually made that movie?  And it’s on Netflix?  And Timmy is trapped in a well?  I’m not sure how to solve that last thing, but I guess I now have to watch this crap.  Get ready everyone, because we’re about to take a look at Mac and Devin go to High School!

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