Cinema Dispatch: Mr. Holmes


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Directed by Bill Condon

What is this!?  A movie in the summer with explosions!?  A period piece right in the middle of this year’s boom-a-thon!?  Well this actually has a bit going for it that might explain why it’s being released now instead of in a couple of months, other than trying not to get crowded out during the Oscar months.  It’s about Sherlock Holmes who couldn’t be bigger right now what with the BBC and CBS shows still kicking around.  Not only that, we have genre super star Ian McKellen in the title role and it’s being directed by Bill Condon who has a BIT of a shaky career (he directed the best AND worst Twilight movies) but still has a lot of credibility for earlier works like God and Monsters and Dreamgirls.  So either it’s get a jump start on Oscar season by trying to muscle in with the big boys, or it’s hoping to come out before any less than stellar comparisons can be made once the summer ends.  Which one is it?  Let’s find out!!

The movie is about Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) who is getting up in years (ninety-three and counting!) and has spent quite a few of his twilight years in seclusion from the rest of the world.  After just arriving home from a trip to Japan (it’s 1947 so it’s not that long after the bombs dropped), he begins to form a bond with the son of his housekeeper and they grow to enjoy each other company as Sherlock is looking for someone to spend his final days with and the young boy (Roger) is looking for a father figure since his own died in World War 2.  Along with his growing friendship with young Roger (Milo Parker), he also tries some remedies he brought back from Japan in order to help his memory which has been fading recently and he wishes to recall more details about the final case which apparently went unsolved and caused him to retire.  What were the circumstances surrounding this case?  Will he find joy in his remaining time on Earth through Roger who seems to be quite quick witted like himself?  Will solving this final case finally bring about the peace that has been absent from his life for so very long?

“Am I gonna get a damn Oscar for this?”
“Am I gonna get a damn Oscar for this?”

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