Living on Netflix: Space Pirate Captain Harlock


Turns out that Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t the only seventies era sci-fi epic to get rebooted.  In fact, this one beat it to the punch by about a year!  For those of you unaware (like me before writing this review), Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a reboot of a seventies manga and anime about a moody pirate captain and his eclectic crew flying around in space.  What sets this reboot apart from its original incarnations is a massive budget, as well as an ultra-realistic art style that contrasts with the more stylized look of the original.  Does this reboot capture the glory of its forbearers for a new generation of viewers, or is it yet another unnecessary remake that misses the point of what made the original so great?  Well, I probably won’t be able to answer that question because I don’t know much about the source material, but keep on reading anyway!

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