Super Recaps: Cutie Honey the Live Episode 4 (The Terrifying Auction!)

We’re back with another episode of Tasteless Power Rangers!  When we last left the Pink Ranger, er… Cutie Honey, she had just had her first taste of failure and she did NOT like it!  Not on that, but a new player is in town and the hospital is still causing trouble for those in the community, including her friend Hayami!  Can she stop the EVIL hospital’s experiments before it’s too late?  What does Watari have in store for her now that she’s caught his attention?  Will the special effects get any better!?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins not long after what had happened last time and we see that Honey Kisaragi is still mourning the death of Matsuda who was taken away by Panther Claw after his arm detached at the bicep.  Honey, being perceptive for once, believes that the hospital Matsuda had visited has something to do with it, but Hayami is not as eager to peg them as the bad guys considering that the hospital cured his illness in the last episode.  Of course, WE know that he’s actually been injected with whatever EVIL medicine had turned Matsuda and others into uber powerful bio-cyborgs and that he’s on borrowed time until the drugs start to eat him away from the inside (as they have done with everyone else so far), but at least the guy can now throw a baseball pretty fast.

“Where Matsuda failed, I shall succeed!”     “TOO SOON!!”

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Super Recaps: Cutie Honey the Live Episode 3 (Nurse and Explore!)

We’re back with another episode of the best live action series based on a Go Nagi work!  I mean, at least as far as I can think of.  Sure, there’s like twenty Kekko Kamen movies but has anyone besides me actually WATCHED any of them?  Yeah… this is better.  ANYWAY!!  The last episode was an improvement on the first, but can this one continue that trend and improve the series even further?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins with a bit of Déjà vu considering that once again Cutie Honey is on the ropes and is about to get taken out by the Panther Claw dude which is exactly how the LAST episode began.  Hayami recognized this pattern as well and does his best to sneak past the Panther Claw dude so that he can save Honey.

“Act natural.  There’s no way this isn’t working!!”

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Super Recaps: Cutie Honey the Live Episode 2 (Hostess Club Blitz!)

We’re back with everyone’s favorite adaptation of questionable source material!   When we last left our hero, she was fighting for her life against one of the leaders of Panther Claw and was about to receive the killing blow!  The first episode was decent enough as pilots go, but now that they’ve sold us on the idea of what this show could be, they have to make good on that potential.  Does this episode meet those expectations and give us something worth watching, or is the novelty already wearing off this soon?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins with Cutie Honey continuing her life and death struggle against the Panther Claw dude with the feather hand.  At the last minute, good old Hayami shows up with his car to provide Honey with a perfect escape!

“DRIVE GOD DAMN IT!!”     “Don’t you want to get in first!?”     “I SAID DRIVE!!!”
“DRIVE GOD DAMN IT!!”     “Don’t you want to get in first!?”     “I SAID DRIVE!!!”

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Super Recaps: Cutie Honey the Live Episode 1 (Honey Flash!)

So here we are with the first recap of Cutie Honey the Live!  If you haven’t read my prologue yet, I strongly recommend you do to get an idea of what kind of show we’re dealing with here.  It’s no secret that I adore the hell out of this show and Cutie Honey in general, but we’re going to take a critical look at each episode of this series to show its strength’s as well as its weaknesses.  Will the first episode suffer from a lot of mistakes that tend to drag down most pilot episodes, or will the rich history that came before this show help to ensure its brought to us fully formed right off the bat?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins with a series of prison breaks across multiple jails in Japan.  It seems that one criminal from each prison was given a mysterious weapon and are now using it to escape.  The prisoners don’t seem to have a clue as to why they have these science fiction laser blasters, so someone else seems to be pulling the strings for some presumably nefarious purpose.


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Super Recaps: Cutie Honey the Live (PROLOGUE)

Cutie Honey Normally I don’t preface a new set of recaps with a lengthy explanation of why I’m doing them, but in this case I felt it was appropriate and necessary to provide a little back story and history.  This clearly isn’t going to be something that will be to everyone’s liking considering what’s in the show itself and the franchise that it’s a part of, and I can totally understand where that is coming from.  I’m a huge fan of this series in particular and am starting to experience the franchise as a whole which has maintained a surprising level of quality over its forty year life span.  That said, it’s also been consistently problematic over that time and after taking a brief look at every televised and film adaptation of this series, it’s pretty depressing to think how it’s actually somewhat regressed in certain iterations.  On the one hand, having such a clear interpretation of the character and the world is probably one of the reasons that it actually manages to be good every time someone dusts off the series (it’s maintained a single theme song since the anime debuted in 1973) but it’s also no doubt led to the creators of each version having a convenient excuse to continue some of the things that weren’t so great about previous interpretations.  Before I go any deeper, let’s first discuss what the hell it is I’m going to recap.

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