Super Recaps: My Little Pony season 5 (The Mane Attraction)

We’re back with another episode of My Little Pony: Chronicles of The Friendship Princess!  Actually, this one decides to pull back on Twilight and instead seems to be an Applejack centric episode with an emphasis on music because apparently three Equestria Girls movies just aren’t enough!  Will this penultimate adventure into the world of song and dance be the perfect lead up before the season finale, or will it land with a resounding thud like many episodes have this season?  Let’s find out!!

The episode begins with Applejack whose delegating tasks to other ponies for the purposes of setting a stage for a music festival that’s happening in Ponyville.  She’s apparently good at setting up stages due to the fact that she’s organized rodeos in the past… and I guess that we’re supposed to ignore the fact that she couldn’t do this exact same thing in Made in Manehattan.  Then again, that was a solo project and maybe there’s a pony around here called Roadie Hooves who knows about setting up sound equipment (powered by magic I’m sure).  Anyway, with her help things seem to finally be coming together for… Pony-palooza.  Really? Right off the bat with the puns?

“Our set list includes Black Saddle, Trixie’s Midnight Runners, Elvis Colt-stello, Nicki Mane-aj, Whinny Huston, Mare-talica Eric Clop-ton, Reel Big Filly, Black Eyed Pegasi, Fleetwood Big Mac, Meghan Trot-nor, Fall Out Pony, Mare-oon 5, Pinkie Floyd, Flutter Sha Na Na…”

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