Super Comics: Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) – #25


Sonic the Hedgehog (the comic book series) and all the images you see in this recap are owned by IDW and SEGA of America

Honestly, I’d much rather be talking about that Sonic movie right now than force myself through another issue of Sonic of the Living Dead.  Heck, I’d rather watch that movie with the ORIGINAL DESIGN than have to read any more pages of these characters being miserable rather than doing anything fun, but this is the storyline we’re stuck with and we’re getting ever so close to the end of the arc; so screw it!  Let’s put on our game face and make get through this together!!

The issue begins with what PROBABLY should have happened eight issues ago which is the remnants of The Restoration (and the survivors) going to Angel Island to crash at Knuckles’s place until the main characters sort this all out.  Sure it’s more dramatic for them to go through all those tragedies instead of going to the safest place possible, but there needs to be a REASON why they didn’t try that right off the bat and one is never given.  It wouldn’t even be that hard as Knuckles could have said that they couldn’t risk exposing the Master Emerald to the virus, but that’s simply not the case since Sonic is right making himself at home!

“Some would say overly long and pedantic, but let’s worry about one thing at a time.”

In any case, that’s where our heroes find themselves for the time being but the last issue didn’t end on a cliffhanger with them, now did it?  Back at the FACE SHIP which Eggman is currently using as his base of operations, Dr. Starline has invited over the Deadly Six since they seem to have the ability to control robots, but to keep them in check he’s got a magic conch that can control them, but then it turns out the conch only works in very brief bursts and the Deadly Six take it from him, is it just me or is this all turning into a convoluted mess for what is essentially a zombie story?  I tended to like the Eggman and Starline dynamic as it was being built up in this arc, but it feels like they’ve left so many loose ends that we have to shove all that aside to try and frantically tie it all together; yet another reason why the Deadly Six feel like an unnecessary addition to this story arc.  Starline, Eggman, and Metal Sonic manage to escape with Starline’s warp topaz but somehow they end up on Angel Island.  Not sure how that happened, but now the bad guys are together with the good guys, and once again my brain is hurting.  Okay, gotta get through this!  So here’s the situation; the new bad guys (The Deadly Six) can control the Zombots AND They have the Chaos Emeralds that Eggman had for some reason.  I genuinely do not recall if there was a point in this arc where he got them all, but he had them and now each member of the Deadly Six has a super powered jewel that they are using to make themselves even MORE powerful, and the good guys have to work with the bad guys to stop them.  Well… not ALL the good guys are keen to work together which is perhaps the ONE good scene in the entire issue.

“I’m so torn up that I forgot Cream was my name and that my Chao’s name was Cheese!”     “Don’t take it too hard.  For some reason I keep thinking my name is Sniper Wolf.”

I mean sure this still feels a BIT overblown for my taste (Cream being so mature about it and we get yet another over the top Whisper sad face on the very next page) but at least something is going on here other than paragraph upon paragraph of exposition.  I mean seriously, the next seven pages of this thing involve characters standing around and TALKING about uninteresting minutia that doesn’t add anything of significance to the story other than making MY job more difficult in trying to convey it all in a witty and snappy manner!  BASICALLY, Eggman steals Starline’s warp topaz and knocks him through a portal to who knows where so that he and the Sonic Crew can use its powers to… well, do this.

I haven’t heard this much pointless technobabble since Star Trek, and at least THAT had kung-fu fights and laser beams!

Did you get all that?  Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about; there’s just so much nonsense verbiage going on throughout this issue and it drags everything down to a crawl when we SHOULD be moving towards a triumphant conclusion.  The help that they make a call to by the way are the Babylon Rogues (the bird dudes from Sonic Riders) who I could have SWORN I saw get turned into Zombots at some point, but I guess I was mistaken and now they’re on hand to do… something.  Honestly my eyes are starting to glaze over so let’s just jump to the end.  Now I was told by Ian Flynn ON TWITTER which makes it a binding oath, that things were going upwards from this point forward; that we’ve sunk as far as we could into darkness and that everything ahead was light!  Well I’d have to disagree with him on that because this episode is STILL pretty miserable considering the final few pages that don’t paint a particularly pleasant picture for the rest of the arc and even shows some rather upsetting imagery; the least of which is the final page that shows The Deadly Six preparing for whatever attack Sonic and his friends plan to mount very soon.  I’m not sure how they even that these characters are poignant for our heroes, but it does make for a particularly creepy image to end the issue on.

“MWA HA HA!!  That Sonic will post ANYTHING to twitter!  Hashtag Follow Friday will be the linchpin of your demise!!”

Once again, I’m here to tell you that the Zombot storyline wasn’t all that interesting and continues to not be all that interesting.  I’m not sure what more I can add at this point considering each issue runs into the same problems, but I guess if I had to put something here it’s that there’s simply too much going on here right at the end.  The series was utterly repetitive for a good stretch of issues there where we reiterated the same points over and over again, but now that we’re getting close to the end we have to spew out a million plot points and complications?  I don’t know, at this point it feels like this arc is NEVER going to end especially if each fight with the Deadly Six takes its own issue to tell, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the route they want to go down.  I’m surprised they didn’t make a comic book side story for the movie that just came out because I’d much rather be reading that than continuing with this story because at least that would be different, it would be short, and it would get to the point.  A safe and utterly mediocre point, but a point none the less!


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